Alert: Cure for Cancer Swept under the Rug by Big Pharma!

Jan 27

cure for cancer conspiracy

Stupid cartoon generated by “Ken” of SfSBM on’s Build your own Meat.

Once a doctor discovered a cure for cancer, but Big Pharma companies immediately swooped down upon him. They tricked him and bought the cure, only to shelve it in the annals of Big Pharma archives. They even bought up all the patents so if anyone else tried to cure cancer, Big Pharma would stop them. Why? Because these companies make a lot more money off TREATING someone for several years while they suffer and wait to die than they would off a one-time CURE.

Sound legit?

It ain’t.

First off, although “Big Pharma” does fund medical research, there are lots of medical researchers out there who are funded by universities or charities. Do you think their backers would allow the result of decades of expensive research to be swept under the rug by profit-mongers?

Second, cancer don’t care. Those profit-mongers who supposedly hid the cure for cancer CAN ALSO GET CANCER. So can their moms and dads, spouses, lovers, and children. Do you really think that the entire board of every big-pharma company in the world would allow their loved-ones to suffer and die for money? And, they must be able to recognize that no matter how rich they get, they won’t be able to spend their moolah if they’re DEAD.

Third, money ain’t the only gain. Say you’re a PHD; you slaved in university for years and spent heaps on tuition and instead of making millions off plastic surgery, you’re in research. You discover the cure for cancer that everyone’s been searching for, raising funds for, and talking about since the ’50s. What’s your motivation? Cash? NO, IDIOT! It’s fame and prestige! The freakkin Nobel Prize! Oh, and the chance to cure millions, perhaps even someone you love. Rich CEO: “Hi, I’m Big Pharma. I’d like to buy your little project here for, oh, say, ten million dollars…” Soon-to-be Nobel Laureate: “Hmm, lessee here… NOPE!”

Fourth, there are actually countries outside your borders. That’s right. Your country might be controlled by the 1% of the population with all the $$$. He who has the gold makes the rules, right? But did you know, there are over 200 countries in the world, and they don’t all operate on a system of democratic capitalism! Not everyone can be bought, is all I’m saying.

cancer cure cover-up conpiracy tape-face idiot

Instead of putting tape all over your face, maybe you should try doing a little research, dipstick.

Still not convinced? Still think Granny would have been saved if it weren’t for the evil money-grubbing porkers of big pharma? Ready to read a pretty long article filled with complex sentences and big words? Find out five other reasons you’re wrong HERE and HERE.


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