Case Study – Rudy and Barb and the Paleo or “Cave-Man” Diet

Feb 04

Today we’re talking to Rudy and Barb.

nightlock berries paleo diet

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They’re starting the cave-man diet because our bodies evolved in cave days to eat a very simple diet of raw meat, nuts, fruits, vegetables, berries, and roots. “It’s the way nature intended,” says Rudy.

The paleo diet is not just a way to lose weight; it gets you in touch with your natural instincts. Here Rudy is marking his territory and Barb is rubbing dirt in her hair.


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rubbing dirt in hair

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paleo diet dead fish

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“You can’t buy any food at the supermarket,” Barb explains, “because all the food we eat today has been agriculturalized. We only eat food that is found naturally, in nature.”

Our average life span during that period was about 33. Rudy is 34 and Barb is 36, so they have to kill themselves now to get the full effect of the diet.

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