International Leaders Disrespect Donald Trump / Justin Bieber has a Tattoo

May 12

anne hildago thinks donald trump is stupid

anne hildago thinks donald trump is stupid – photo credit NBC News video

Paris mayor Anne Hildago has joined the long list of international politicians who have something bad to say about the Donald with the comment, “Mr. Trump is just stupid, my God.” Other major world leaders who have noticed that Donald Trump is stupid include (but is not limited to) London’s new Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, former Mexican presidents Felipe Calderon and Vicente Fox, and Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, who has banned Trump from entering Canada for being a racist jerk. To watch NBC’s video of the Paris mayor badmouthing Trump, click here.


Breaking non-news: Justin BIEBER has a TATTOO on his FACE – photo credit: Bieber’s BFF’s Instagram

Just when you thought Canada’s golden boy couldn’t get any douchier, Justin Bieber and his BFF got matching tats, and get this, on their faces! Didn’t anyone tell the Beeb that no-one will ever hire him with ink on his face? For more info on this breaking non-news, go ahead and Google “Bieber Face Tattoo” or whatever.

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