Pakistan Honor Killings on the Rise / Royal Family Members Wear Pretty Clothes

Jun 17

pakistan honor killings women

Some families believe that it is their responsibility to choose their daughter’s husband. Photo credit: RT

Muqaddas Bibi, 22, was murdered by her family on Tuesday in Buttaranwali village because she had married for love instead of accepting a marriage arranged by her family. Bibi was seven months pregnant with her second child at the time of her murder. Last week, a sixteen-year-old girl who married for love was killed by her family and a young married couple in Lahore were killed by their families. Some Pakistanis believe that it is the family’s responsibility to choose whom their children marry, and that a child marrying for love dishonors the family. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has vowed to stop these honor killings, but Pakistan is still waiting for legislation. To learn more about honor killings in Pakistan, click here

queen and prince wearing pretty clothes

Is it Christmas in June? Because that’s a lot of red and green! Photo credit: something about what other people like to wear.

Kate Middleton wore a white coat and a peach hat to the queen of England’s birthday party. Not only that, but Queen Elizabeth II wore a lime green coat and matching lime green hat! If that wasn’t enough non-news for you, you’ll be amazed to find out what Prince William wore to the queen’s birthday party: it was a tall bearskin hat and ceremonial scarlet Colonel of the Irish Guards uniform! I guess it is nice to be able to celebrate your rights to make your own choices, whether it is which designer to throw thousands of pounds at every time you have an event to attend, or whom you may marry. To find out more about the fascinating subject of what the royal family wore last week, go ahead and choose your favorite search engine.


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