Eggs Cost $150 a Dozen in Venezuela / Kanye West Lost Some Stuff

May 31

Venezuelans lined up for food

Venezuelans line up to buy food: Photo credit – Los Angeles Times.

Venezuela is in the midst of a financial crisis that has been getting worse for years. According to the official exchange rate, it costs $150 to buy a dozen eggs at a street market. There are two supermarket chains with the prices regulated so people can afford to buy food, but it takes all day to do your shopping because the line-ups are so long. To understand more about the inflation and rising costs in Venezuela, read this article in the LA Times.


Kanye West, presumably talking to his personal shopper telling him how many Alienwares to buy. Photo credit – I don’t remember.

Somebody broke into Kanye West’s studio and stole some stuff worth $20,000. Don’t panic, though – it was just some computers, and they have heavy security so the robbers won’t be able to hack Kanye’s Netflix account and rack up a big bill, and plus Kanye already replaced all the shit he lost because Kanye is so loaded, he would have no problem paying current Venezuelan prices for eggs.

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