Case Study – How to go all organic using traditional farming methods?

Jan 24

Case Study — Nancy Potter, from Ipswich, Montana, uses only natural methods and grows all her own food.

According to Nancy, “In the old days, human feces were used as a natural fertilizer. We don’t spray all them chemical fertilizers on our food, no way! Natural fertilizers like poop have no chemicals in them. Also, since we eat food without chemicals, from our own garden, our poop is totally natural.”

pooping in the garden

Nancy and Greg do their best to use traditional farming methods such as fertilizing their garden with methane-rich human feces.

canned tomato fail

There might be a problem with these tomatoes. They look a bit fermented. Well, it will be a happy, fun winter for Nancy and Greg!

canning is not always fun

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Nancy lives in Montana so during the growing season she is able to grow potatoes, carrots, beans, and sometimes tomatoes. “I spent most of my time in the Autumn canning so that we’ll have enough to eat in the winter. It snows pretty heavily and can get down to eight degrees in the winter, so growing food all year doesn’t really work for us.”

Nancy loves this traditional lifestyle and the health benefits it brings her kids. “My eight-year-old son, Damon, has never seen an orange.”

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