Case study – Vaccinating your children against serious illnesses is the devil

Jan 24

Linda Petri of Debonshire, Wisconsin, believes that only natural germs are right for her kids.


Here Linda exposes her daughter to natural germs instead of the synthetic ones they use in vaccinations: photo credit


sick kid

Here’s Linda’s kid nearly dying from polio but good news, she gets better.

Here's Linda's kid playing with a kid at school who has a reduced immune system. Photo credit:

Here’s Linda’s kid playing with a kid at school who has a reduced immune system and can’t be vaccinated. Photo credit:

baby funeral

Linda’s kid’s friend’s funeral was a somber affair, but Linda can rest easy knowing her kid at least won’t get autism. Great job, Linda! photo credit:

“I had read a lot of stuff on the internet saying about how vaccinations have stuff like formaldehyde and even mercury in them!” says Linda. “When I was a kid, a mercury thermometer broke in the sink and my mom said not to touch it because mercury is poisonous. Why would I give my child an injection of POISON when I can achieve the same effect by exposing her to real, natural germs. Perfectly safe germs that don’t have mercury in them.”

Linda has also read some other stuff on the internet. “I had read that those diseases they vaccinate against are already eliminated in the United States. So I’m not gonna poison my kid with a vaccine for something that already doesn’t exist. Plus, she’ll get autism.”

Linda’s daughter’s friend, who due to a reduced immune system was not able to be vaccinated, died on July 14th. “I guess she didn’t get enough “Amens” on Facebook,” says Linda.

tuna fish sandwich

After the funeral, Linda and her daughter relaxed with delicious tuna-fish sandwiches. photo credit:


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