DIY 100% Natural, Chemical-Free Cleaning Products for your Entire Home and Family

Apr 16

If you love nature and want to keep your home and family clean, you probably want to use natural cleaners. You know that Windex and other store-bought cleaners are filled with horrifying CHEMICALS, but what are the alternatives? What can you use to keep everything sparkling clean without toxifying your atmosphere and causing cancer in all your pets and family members?

Luckily for you, God gave us a lot of natural, chemical-free cleaning products and you can find them all in your own home and back yard!


Worms love dirt and worms are part of nature, so you know it's good. Image credit - Scotts

Worms love dirt and worms are part of nature, so you know it’s good. Image credit –

Dirt comes from nature and therefore is guaranteed chemical-free. Squirrels and other rodents bathe in dirt, and worms even eat it with no adverse effects. Dirt is a great natural scrubber for your floors. Simply bring in a couple of bucketfuls of dirt from your garden and use a large, natural-bristled brush to scrub your floors with. This is the way the women scrubbed floors as recently as Ancient Roman times, and it still works great! After scrubbing, simply sweep up the dirt with a twig broom and return it to the garden. Make sure to clean your hands with chemical-free hand sanitizer after scrubbing your floors with dirt in case any rodents have left their droppings behind whilst bathing, as rodent droppings can carry viruses such as hantavirus.



You already know that foods such as vinegar and baking soda are nature’s cleansers. Use vinegar diluted in bottled drinking water to clean your counter-tops, bathroom fixtures, mirrors, and windows, and use apple-cider vinegar on a 100%-natural cotton pad instead of soap to clean your skin. Baking soda is abrasive and can be used to scrub off stains and soap scum. Mix baking soda with artisan beer and guacamole to make a fantastic two-in-one shampoo/conditioner!

beer-baking-soda-guacamole shampoo - photo credit leelabean bakes

Beer-baking-soda-guacamole shampoo – photo credit Leelabean Bakes

Green tea is antiseptic. Brew a pot of green tea, let it cool down, fill your spray bottles, and spray it everywhere instead of Lysol.

Toilets getting stained? Dump a packet of blue Kool-Aid into the tank every time you flush. It turns your toilet water blue and smells great; no need for those nasty blue pucks of chemicals.

Coconut is one of nature’s greatest cleansers; that’s why so many cleaning products are coconut-scented. To make a chemical-free, natural coconut all-purpose cleanser, buy two whole or one bag of shredded coconuts. If you start with whole coconuts, you will have to crack them open. Use a hammer and chisel like our Hawaiian neighbours have always done! Boil the coconut halves or shredded coconut (remove it from the bag first) in bottled water for about 20 minutes. Strain and let the water cool. This coconut water can be used for floors, walls, dusting, laundry, and as a facial cleanser.

Orange and other citrus peels make excellent cleaners for your whole house, too, which is why you can find pretty much any store-bought cleaning product available in lemon scent. Use chemical-free, organic oranges grown in your own back yard (transporting fruits from another location can allow them to come into contact with dangerous chemicals such as vehicle exhaust or Freon in refrigerated trucks.) When you peel the oranges, instead of throwing away the peel, chop it up and boil it in bottled water for twenty minutes. Strain the peel out of the water and let it cool. You can use this citrus-peel infused water for washing dishes, surfaces, floors, walls, pet products, and the baby.


Detergent, softener, bleach, dryer sheets – just think about all the chemical-laden products you put in the washing machine with your clothes! Your clothes will touch your skin, and should be washed without chemicals to avoid getting cancer or autism from putting them on. Instead of all these harsh chemicals, try putting the following into your wash:

  • 1 chopped lemon to clean out grease and oil
  • a handful of uncooked rice to soften
  • a pinch of blue Kool-Aid to make the whites pop
  • add a few Earl Gray teabags into the dryer to reduce static

Guaranteed, your washing will come out clean, great-smelling, and free of chemicals!

Washing clothes in the river is fun and natural. That's why so many people do it in countries all around the world. Photo credit

Washing clothes in the river is fun and natural. That’s why so many people do it in countries all around the world. Photo credit: Radio Ucamara

Of course, the best and most natural way to wash clothes, towels, bedding, etc. is the old-fashioned way, because stuff was better in the past. Like our ancestors did, you can take your laundry to the nearest river or creek and wash it in the clear, clean chemical-free H2O running there. Beat your laundry with river rocks or rub it against an immersed boulder to get stains out, and spread it over bushes or low tree branches to dry in the sun. If you don’t have a river or stream in your area, you can fast-forward a few thousand years or so. Wash your clothes in a bucket in the back yard with a washboard and hang them on a clothes-line to dry. This is still an old-fashioned way to do laundry and therefore better.



WARNING: NEVER mix any of these products together. If you mix natural things together, you end up with chemicals, and that’s exactly what we’re trying to avoid.


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