Suicide Bomber at Turkish Wedding Kills 50 / Rooney Mara Wears Leather and Denim

Aug 22

wedding bombed in Turkey

A man mourns the victim of a wedding bombing in Turkey. Photo credit: CNN

A wedding in Gaziantep, Turkey was the target of a suicide bombing that killed 53, including at least 22 children. The bomber, probably from ISIS, was believed to have been 12 to 14 years old. Gaziantep is near the Syrian border. According to Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, “Daesh is trying to position and organize itself in Gaziantep.” Read more about this horrific attack on CNN by clicking here

rooney mara can nearly dress herself

Rooney Mara can nearly dress herself – Photo credit: some asshat with an iPhone and too much spare time

Breaking news: Rooney Mara wore a denim shirt and leather motorcycle jacket to walk her dog in Beverly Hills. It’s important to note that Rooney cannot in fact dress herself. It seems that she has a stylist by the name of Ryan Hastings to pick out these ensembles for her. Her dog must be grateful that his master dresses so stylishly to take him out for a poo.

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